Soft.e Bytes

Soft.e Bytes is a complete Web-based Solutions Company.

We offer Customizable and Scalable products & services for Application Software Development, Digital Media Marketing and Skill-enhancement Training. Further, our solutions include Business Intelligence, Branding & Mobile Application Development as well.

Using our inherited industry experience, we realize your business’ intricacy to the core, and design & engineer reliable, robust and result-oriented solutions to your satisfaction… ensuring Excellence!

We Deliver



We deliver customized solutions to befit your business requirements and benefit you by reorienting your focus to your core.

Business Synergy

Business Synergy

Together, we perpetually work to increase your efficiency by streamlining your processes and automating your business.

Device & Location Independent

Device & Location Independence

One enterprise
Multiple locations: city/ state/ country
Many devices: mobile/ tab/ laptop/ desktop
One solution!

Our Solutions

Web Based Software Solutions

Soft.e Dox
Document Management System

Soft.e Dox is a quick & easy solution with flexible parameter based digital document storage and search that retrieves documents as per your memory and helps you find documents within seconds......

Business Bytes
Web Based ERP Software Solution

Business Bytes is a web-based ERP software that ensures access to organised information by streamlining your process flows.

Soft.e Printz
Data Presentation Software Solution

Soft.e Printz is a software utility that converts these data records into printable PDF reports in any given format of any document type at a click... ...

Soft.e Staff
Web Based HR-Payroll Solution

Soft.e Staff is one such solution for all your HR & Payroll needs, like Integrating Attendance Device, Employees' Records, etc... ...

Soft.e Qliks
Business Intelligence Solutions

Soft.e Qliks, in association with our USA counterparts: The PinTelligence Group, undertakes QlikView development projects, and conduct the training courses on the Data Selection & Presentation Tool QlikView... ...

Soft.e Trax
Web Based Project Management

Soft.e Trax is a web based comprehensive Project Management Software solution fully capable to support the idea of business by project.

Soft.e Max
Inventory Management Solution

Soft.e Max is a software that helps you manage the above Stock Inventory, all by a click of mouse that allows you to have: