Soft.e Staff - Web Based HR-Payroll Solution

The quality Human Resource that you deploy determines the quality of your work; hence it is crucial for the HR department to create a constant inflow of resources that support your work and the compensations of these resources are taken care of in a professional fashion. This is time-consuming and repetitive work, the key to which is the absence of error.

Soft.e Staff is a web-based HR and Payroll software that removes the element of error and saves time making it the perfect solution for you. With our payroll software you get:

  • Supplier-wise Employee, transferable to any branch within Company
  • Supplier-wise periodic salary statement
  • Weekly-shift schedule: to accommodate any set of fixed weekly shift plan
  • PF & ESI Challan, Bonus, Leave accounting, Gratuity, Loans & advances, TDS Form-24 and more.


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