A business is an on ongoing mechanism; you cannot stick to your office just to keep a close track on a singular activity. Principally, some of your business activities should not come in the way of the rest.

SeQ is a web-based ERP software that gives you the freedom to perform other business activities and commitments. Today, much like CCTV display, all business activities can be viewed and monitored in parallel through an ERP software solutions, like SeQ. This would help you focus on key business decisions rather than keeping you occupied monitoring routine activities.

SeQ is a web-based ERP software that ensures access to organised information by streamlining your process flows. We ensure your business to be fully controlled and you fly wirelessly while your:

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    o   Login ID &amp; Password
    o   Profile-Based Access
    o   MAC Address Binding <strong>Organisation Structure </strong><strong>Team </strong><strong>Reference Data</strong>
    o   Country
    o   Bank</td>
    <td><strong>Inter &amp; Intra company communication with escalation </strong><strong>Approval</strong>



    <strong>In-System/ Out-System Mail</strong>

    <strong>Automatic Creation &amp; Assignment Workflow </strong>




    <strong>Launch Workflow</strong></td>

  • Billing & Receivable

    GST Invoice
    Dr/Cr note
    ReceiptAuto Accounts UpdateAuto Inventory Update
    Advance & AdjustmentStandard Reports
    o   Statement of Account
    o  Receivable with AgingMonthly GST Returns
    o   GSTR 1, 1B, 2, 2B, 3, 3B, 4

  • Design

    Process-wise Bill of Material

    o        Cost & Time estimation

    o        Multi-level BoM

    o        Composite BoM

    Multiple Versions & variations

    Alternative items with Costing revisions

    Critical path

  • General Ledger – IND AS & GST

    Four level Accounting Structure

    Automatic Batch-wise Business Transactions
    o   Recording & Updating

    Dr/ Cr Note

    Landed-cost-price finalization

    Recurring Entry

    o   Payment
    o   Refund
    o   Receipt
    o   Adjustment

    Multiple Company, Book of Accounts & Branch Wise Final Account Creation
    o   General Journal
    o   General Ledger
    o   Trial Balance
    o   Profit & Loss Account
    o   Balance Sheet – Month End Closing – Annual Closing

  • HR & Payroll

    Post based Organization

    o   Post Profile

    Resume Bank

    Post Processing


    CTC, Grade, Category, Change Tracking

    Leave Accounting, Application and Approval

    HR Documents

    Employee Supplier wise payroll


    Advance Team, Employee Shift Allocation

    Loan & Advance

    All Bonuses

    PF, ESI, Gratuity, TDS, PT

    Muster Roll Processing

    Final Settlement

    Standard Reports

    o   Payroll

    o   Payslip

    o   Statutory reports & challans


    Auto Account Updates

  • Inventory Control

    Item Categorization Item

    o   Specifications

    o   Balance (Company & Branch level)

    o   Reorder level & Auto-indent

    o   UoM Conversion

    Automatic Item Transaction

    Cost Revaluation

    Batch controlGL Cost revision

    Auto Accounts Update

    Standard Reports

    o   Item Balance

    o   Item Movement

    o   Physical Inventory reconciliation

    o   Customized analytical reports

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  • Marketing

    Standard Price-lists
    o  Price List
    o  Design
    o  Vendor Based
    o  Work
    o  Job
    Communication and Tags
    o   Auto Tagging
    o   Tag Based search
    Dispatch Order

  • Order Processing & Tracking

    Project based Production Planning

    o   Time & Cost Estimation

    Task/team wise planning,  execution & control

    Risks & Mitigations Check-lists

    Material & Team requirement assessment

    Team & Resource reservation & planning

    o   Efficiency & Dependency based Critical Path evaluation

    o   Slack consideration

    o   Gantt Chart

    Auto Daily Project Report (DPR)

    o   Time & Cost Update

    Slippages Monitoring & Control

    o   Advance Alerts & Notifications

    o   Severity level escalation

    Item wise production/ order tracking

    Work completion forecast

    Order & Milestone updates

    QC Planning tasks
    o   In House
    o   Client
    o   Third Party