Soft.e Twin - ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning Software)

  • HR & Payroll

    Post based Organizationo   Post Profile

    Resume Bank

    Post Processing


    CTC, Grade, Category, Change Tracking

    Leave Accounting, Application and Approval

    HR Documents

    Employee Supplier wise payroll Attendance

    Advance Team, Employee Shift Allocation

    Loan & Advance

    All Bonuses

    PF, ESI, Gratuity, TDS, PT

    Muster Roll Processing

    Final Settlement

    Standard Reports

    o   Payroll

    o   Payslip

    o   Statutory reports & challans

     Auto Account Updates

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    Assets & Maintenance

    Asset Maintenance

    ·         Asset Item Code

    o   Asset Category/ Sub-Category / Specs

    ·         Purchase Details

    ·         Asset Details

    o   Unique Asset Code

    o   Unique-Asset Flag

    o   Location/ User-name

    o   Manufacturer given unique ID, if any

    o   Warrantee details, if any

    ·         Depreciation:

    o   Depreciation Method

    o   Purchase Price

    o   Depreciation/ Appreciation applied & Transactions

    o   Total Depreciation applied

    o   Total Appreciation applied

    o   Current/ Book Value

    ·         AMC, If any

    o   Date from & to

    o   Maintenance agency

    o   Inclusions / Exclusions

    o   Amount


    ·         Maintenance Requisition from user with Brief description

    ·         Feedback of Maintenance In-Charge

    ·         Maintenance Job – Planning

    o   Brief description & Enclosures  of maintenance requirements, if any

    o   In-house or Out-sources

    o   Total Cost Estimate Including Material & Man-power details

    o   Expected “Down-time”

    o   Maintenance job Approval

    ·         Maintenance Job – Execution

    o   In-house or Outsourced

    o   Job In-charge & Executed by

    o   Down-time (Start & End Date/time)

    o   Date-wise work Execution Report

    o   Total Cost including Material & Man-power

    o   User feedback & job-in-charge Approval

    ·         Job Closure: Date-Time, document

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    Security & Gate Pass

    ·         Gate Number

    ·         Movement: Out or In

    ·         Number of People

    ·         Date-Time In/ Out or Out & In

    ·         Person

    o   Seniors

    o   Regular Staff & Workers

    o   Guest, Customer, Supplier

    o   Hawker (News-paper, Milk-man etc)

    o   Regular Casual Service like (Car-cleaner, Sweeper)

    o   Service-provider

    ·         Material details with Person

    o   PO Purchase

    o   Local-purchase

    o   Daily-consumables (Milk, News-paper etc)

    o   Scrap 

    ·         Document with Person

    o   Drawing, Letter, Document

    ·         Vehicle details with Person