Soft.e Twin - ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning Software)

  • Assets & Maintenance

    Asset Maintenance

    ·         Asset Item Code

    o   Asset Category/ Sub-Category / Specs

    ·         Purchase Details

    ·         Asset Details

    o   Unique Asset Code

    o   Unique-Asset Flag

    o   Location/ User-name

    o   Manufacturer given unique ID, if any

    o   Warrantee details, if any

    ·         Depreciation:

    o   Depreciation Method

    o   Purchase Price

    o   Depreciation/ Appreciation applied & Transactions

    o   Total Depreciation applied

    o   Total Appreciation applied

    o   Current/ Book Value

    ·         AMC, If any

    o   Date from & to

    o   Maintenance agency

    o   Inclusions / Exclusions

    o   Amount


    ·         Maintenance Requisition from user with Brief description

    ·         Feedback of Maintenance In-Charge

    ·         Maintenance Job – Planning

    o   Brief description & Enclosures  of maintenance requirements, if any

    o   In-house or Out-sources

    o   Total Cost Estimate Including Material & Man-power details

    o   Expected “Down-time”

    o   Maintenance job Approval

    ·         Maintenance Job – Execution

    o   In-house or Outsourced

    o   Job In-charge & Executed by

    o   Down-time (Start & End Date/time)

    o   Date-wise work Execution Report

    o   Total Cost including Material & Man-power

    o   User feedback & job-in-charge Approval

    ·         Job Closure: Date-Time, document

  • Placeholder

    Security & Gate Pass

    ·         Gate Number

    ·         Movement: Out or In

    ·         Number of People

    ·         Date-Time In/ Out or Out & In

    ·         Person

    o   Seniors

    o   Regular Staff & Workers

    o   Guest, Customer, Supplier

    o   Hawker (News-paper, Milk-man etc)

    o   Regular Casual Service like (Car-cleaner, Sweeper)

    o   Service-provider

    ·         Material details with Person

    o   PO Purchase

    o   Local-purchase

    o   Daily-consumables (Milk, News-paper etc)

    o   Scrap 

    ·         Document with Person

    o   Drawing, Letter, Document

    ·         Vehicle details with Person

  • Base

    o   Login ID & Password
    o   Profile Based Access
    o   MAC Address BindingEnterprise Structure
    o   Organisation Structure
    o   Financial StructureTeamReference Data
    o   Country
    o   Bank
    Inter & Intra company communication with escalation




    In-System/ Out-System Mail

    Automatic Creation & Assignment Workflow




    Launch Workflow