Soft.e Works - Workflow Management

Workflow is a set of repetitive processes & activities
Accomplished from initiation to completion
Like transfer of tasks, information or documents

Soft.e Works – Workflow based Software

Perform and monitor defined sequence of tasks as – Workflows;
Proactively acquire, develop, engineer & execute your business
GST Ready Billing ensures that you stay with the time. Always

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  • Marketing

    Standard Price-lists
    o  Price List
    o  Design
    o  Vendor Based
    o  Work
    o  Job
    Communication and Tags
    o   Auto Tagging
    o   Tag Based search
    Dispatch Order

  • Billing & Receivable

    GST Invoice
    Dr/Cr note
    ReceiptAuto Accounts UpdateAuto Inventory Update
    Advance & AdjustmentStandard Reports
    o   Statement of Account
    o  Receivable with AgingMonthly GST Returns
    o   GSTR 1, 1B, 2, 2B, 3, 3B, 4

  • Work Order Management (WOM)

    ·         Project based Production Planning

    o   Time & Cost Estimation

    ·         Task/team wise planning,  execution & control

    ·         Risks & Mitigations Check-lists

    ·         Material & Team requirement assessment

    ·         Team & Resource reservation & planning

    o   Efficiency & Dependency based Critical Path evaluation

    o   Slack consideration

    o   Gantt Chart

    ·         Auto Daily Project Report (DPR)

    o   Time & Cost Update

    ·         Slippages Monitoring & Control

    o   Advance Alerts & Notifications

    o   Severity level escalation

    ·         Item wise production/ order tracking

    ·         Work completion forecast

    ·         Order & Milestone updates

    ·         QC Planning tasks

    o   In House

    o   Client

    o   Third Party

  • Work-flow Management

    ·         Standard task-assignments of Repetitive Business-process-step

    ·         When this Business-process-step takes place then Workflow is fired in the background, which automatically assigns the set-of-tasks to the default team(s)

    ·         Each such task assignment has, Task Description, Estimated Duration, and Set of Inputs. QC consideration, if any, like (In House, Client, Third Party)

    ·         Task dependencies, if any

    ·         For Slippage Monitoring & Control

    o   Advance Alerts & Notifications

    o   Severity level escalation

    o   Launching a relevant Workflow automatically

    ·         Tasks Approval

    ·         Approval-process

    o   Single or Multi Level

    o   Mandatory or Conditional or Ad-hoc

    o   On event or field (absolute or relative) value

  • Accounts

    Four level Accounting Structure

    Automatic Batch-wise Business Transactions

    o   Recording & Updating


    o   Payment

    o   Refund

    o   Receipt

    o   Adjustment

    Financial Transaction Record Details

    Dr/ Cr Note

    Landed-cost-price finalization

    Recurring Entry

    Multiple Company, Book of Accounts & Branch Wise Final Account Creation

    o   General Journal

    o   General Ledger

    o   Trial Balance

    o   Profit & Loss Account

    o   Balance Sheet – Month End Closing – Annual Closing

  • Inventory Control

    Item Categorization Item

    o   Specifications

    o   Balance (Company & Branch level)

    o   Reorder level & Auto-indent

    o   UoM Conversion

    Automatic Item Transaction

    Cost Revaluation

    Batch controlGL Cost revision

    Auto Accounts Update

    Standard Reports

    o   Item Balance

    o   Item Movement

    o   Physical Inventory reconciliation

    o   Customized analytical reports

  • Design

    Process-wise Bill of Materialo        Cost & Time estimation

    o        Multi-level BoM

    o        Composite BoM

    Multiple Versions & variationsAlternative items with Costing revisions

    Critical path

  • Vendor, Purchase & Payable


    Quotation with comparison

    Purchase Order with Approval

    Vendor Invoice


    Dr/ Cr note

    Advance & adjustmentPurchase Requisition

    Auto Accounts Update

    Auto Inventory Update

    Standard Reports

    o   Statement of Account

    o   Payable with Aging

    Monthly GST Returns

    GSTR 1, 1B, 2, 2B, 3, 3B, 4

  • Quality Control

    Test Plan and Execution
    o   Observation
    o   checklist
    o   Parameter
    o   CustomizedBoM/ Process Based QC Task planning & execution
    Item Based Test Plan
    o   Production
    o   Purchase
    o   Packaging & DispatchCustomized Test Reports & Certificates

  • Base

    o   Login ID & Password
    o   Profile Based Access
    o   MAC Address BindingEnterprise Structure
    o   Organisation Structure
    o   Financial StructureTeamReference Data
    o   Country
    o   Bank
    Inter & Intra company communication with escalation




    In-System/ Out-System Mail

    Automatic Creation & Assignment Workflow




    Launch Workflow