Process-wise Bill of Materialo        Cost & Time estimation

o        Multi-level BoM

o        Composite BoM

Multiple Versions & variationsAlternative items with Costing revisions

Critical path


  • Bill of Material – Process-wise
    • Get Overall and Process-wise Cost & time estimation, with consideration of:
      • Inputs (RM, SFG or Consumable)
      • Overheads
      • By-products (scrap, etc)
    • Multiple-level of SFG BoM may be inserted one inside the other
  • Get Item-wise Consolidated Summary of BoM


  • Multiple BoM versions, with Item variations – along with Cost revisions
    • Maintain BoM of similar FGs, and change input-items to
      • Substitute Items, or
      • Alternative Items, or
      • Alternative Item-names
    • Update entire BoM to current prices on one click
  • Standard and Customized reports
    • Detailed Bill of Material Report
    • Summarized Bill of Material Report
  • Import & Draft
    • Every existing Bill of Material can be imported and used as a template
    • Any incomplete Bill of Material can be saved as an Interim-draft
    • Multiple draft versions can be saved, all can be discarded and one can be Finalized later
  • Attachment & Retrieval
    • Attach unlimited Documents on each Bill of Material
    • Retrieve any attachment


  • Communication
    • Can be set on any Bill of Material
    • System Communication Types
      • Approval
      • Alert
      • Warning
      • Reminder
    • System or User Generated
    • Inter or Intra Company Entities
    • Single or Multi Level
    • Mandatory or Conditional
    • On event or field (absolute or relative) value
    • Launches Workflow