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  • Work execution (Project/Task) culture is organised in terms of Departments and Teams
  • Team
    • Competency an individual Professional is accounted for competency of a Team
    • Tasks are estimated on the bases of Competency of a Team
  • Scope of a Task could be on one of the following
    • Branch
    • BoA
    • Payroll
  • Access to Information-resources on the basis of Company Credentials (Roll(s) assigned to a post)
  • Multiple Roles can be assigned to a Post; Multiple Posts can be assigned on an employee


  • Post based Organization Structure
  • Post has
    • Education & Qualification
    • Certifications
    • Work-experience
    • Job profile and Reporting structure
  • Vacancy
    • A post with no employee is considered vacant, which can be processed for employment
  • Resume Bank
    • Resume received for a Post – are stored in a Central Repository of all Resumes
    • Search, Sort & Filter resumes according to Vacancy Requirements
  • Post Processing
    • Resume can be short-listed for a vacancy
    • Then, a batch can be processed for employment. Subsequently, candidates as-per the result, may be shortlisted for next round of interviews
    • Records and information of selected Candidates are directly inherited  from HR to the Payroll module


  • Employee
    • Category, Grade, Post , Team, Branch, Payroll, Designation, Employee debtors account
    • Leave (CL, SL, EL etc)
    • Benefits (Allowances and Perquisites) and Basic, CTC Detail etc
    • Maintain entire HR, Payroll and Work related data
      • Educational, Professional qualifications & certification with their work experience
      • Address, Family members
      • Skills and proficiency level
      • Monthly payments & benefits like: Basic-pay, Emoluments, Tax-deduction, Bonus etc
      • Holiday accounting & planning
      • Task related data, if any
    • Change Tracking
      • Maintain all changes in the lifecycle of an employee
  • Leave Accounting, Application and Approval
    • Leave Planning,  Application form, submit for HR approval, feedback
  • Planning – Attendance, Team, Shift, Leave
    • Planner (Calendar) can be use to Plan leaves which also reflects the Leaves-availed
    • Temporary or permanent transfers of an Employee – in Branch/ Team/ Shift
    • Approved leave, Branch/ Team/ Shift Transfer etc are reflected immediately in attendance-planning records
  • Attendance
    • Can be marked manually or imported from a third-party database
      • Mark attendance manually for
        • Branch/ Department/ Team for a single day
        • Individual Employee for entire month
      • Mark grade based performance indicators, like, Calculate Early or Late Arrival or Departure according to shift and Calculate total OT & Late Minutes
  • If the Company deploys the staff of third-party, then, multiple Payrolls (Employee Supplier-wise) can be implemented in parallel
  • Category/ Payroll wise muster roll verification & processing
  • Loan & Advance
    • Expense management through Company advance & reimbursements
    • Loans management
      • If varied rate of interest than government then Calculation of perquisite value
      • Loan-master Creation, Disbursement & Transaction records
      • Recovery (Capital and Interest)
        • Based on deductable instalments from Payroll
        • Ad-hoc payments
    • Add Expense reimbursement or Loan disbursement to payslip
  • Statutory bonuses: Bonus earning records are created, and Bonus-earned figure is updated every payroll period
  • Ad-hoc (Additional) Bonuses can be Planned & Dispersed as per company policy
  • Statutory emoluments like PF, ESI, Gratuity, TDS, PT, Bonus are automatically calculated, deducted or added to the pay according to company policy
  • Final Settlement-of-Account of an Employee
    • As per Company policy, get Employee-account, all HR related benefits settlements like Gratuity, Bonus, Basic, Allowances, Perquisites, Loans, Advances, Company-assets, Notice-period consideration, etc., calculations in the Employee settlement-statement
  • Standard Reports
    • Payroll
    • Payslip
    • Statutory reports, Challans, Forms etc.,
  • Auto Account Updates like Payroll Report to Payable, etc.,


HR & Payroll