Inventory Control

Item Categorization Item

o   Specifications

o   Balance (Company & Branch level)

o   Reorder level & Auto-indent

o   UoM Conversion

Automatic Item Transaction

Cost Revaluation

Batch controlGL Cost revision

Auto Accounts Update

Standard Reports

o   Item Balance

o   Item Movement

o   Physical Inventory reconciliation

o   Customized analytical reports


  • 4-tier Item Categorization
    • Item Type:
      • These may be Raw material / Semi-finished goods / Finished Goods/ Products / Consumables / By product / Asset
      • Item Type defines the Type-of-account in Balance-sheet
    • Category:
      • This is created within an Item-type
      • The Accounting information is inherited
    • Sub-Category:
      • This is the further division of the Category
      • The Accounting information is inherited
    • Parameter Set:
      • This is the further division of the Sub-category on the basis of Set-of-parameters
  • Item
    • Specifications
      • Parameter-set based Specifications
      • Specification based auto QC-plan
    • Balance
      • Company & Branch level
      • Convertible UoM: Separate UoM for Issue, Purchase and Stock-balance
      • Item movement (Sale, Purchase, Sales Return etc.) tracking at a glance
      • Batch Control: Batch wise Item Balance
    • Purchase requisition/indent is created automatically on marked Reorder-level
    • Unit Cost
      • Purchase
        • Weighted Average
        • LIFO/ FIFO
      • Production
        • Batch based Product cost
        • Weighted Average
      • Estimation
        • Design (BoM) Based Cost
        • Estimated Cost, for Items used in BoM, but not yet purchased
      • Item Cost-revision history
      • Maintain
        • Substitute items (can be used in BoM)
        • Competitor’s Items
        • Alternative Item-names (can be used in BoM)
        • Alternative items (obsolete part number of the same item)
      • Customers: List of Customers for Product Item
      • Vendors: List of Vendors for each Item
  • Batch control
    • Batch Type – Production , Purchase, Dispatch, etc
    • Create: BoM Based Project and, Process based Tasks
    • inventory Transactions, after Task-initiation


  • Auto GL Transaction
    • A group or an individual GL account can be selected for Items
    • GL Transactions automatically created in the background
    • GL accounts updated by batch transferred to GL module
  • Purchase-cost Revision
    • Revalue Unit-cost of a purchase, before importing a GL batch.
    • Automatically updates landed cost on item transactions and GL transaction
  • Standard & Customized Reports
    • Item Balance
    • Item Movement
    • Physical Inventory reconciliation
    • Customized analytical reports
  • Import & Draft
    • Every existing Item can be imported and used as a template
    • Any incomplete Item can be saved as Interim-draft
    • Multiple draft versions can be saved, all can be discarded and one can be Finalized later
  • Attachment & Retrieval
    • Attach unlimited Documents on each Item
    • Retrieve any specific attachment, from the Item or using the Central Repository of our DMS
  •  Communication
    • Can be set on Item
    • System Communication Types
      • Approval
      • Alert
      • Warning
      • Reminder
    • System or User Generated
    • Inter or Intra Company Items
    • Single or Multi Level
    • Mandatory or Conditional
    • On event or field (absolute or relative) value
    • Launches Workflow
Inventory Control