Standard Price-lists
o  Price List
o  Design
o  Vendor Based
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Communication and Tags
o   Auto Tagging
o   Tag Based search
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·         Create and maintain multiple current, potential & prospective customers
·         Keep a track of customer relatedo   tasks,

o   deliveries,

o   deadlines and

o   payments, on one dashboard
·         Maintain multiple GSTINs

·         Set Customer Grade

·         Maintain multiple Price Lists of Customers

·         Statutory Reports

·         Keep a track of all conversations with Customers, through any medium – to ensure accountability

·         Store Customer documents on Cloud

Standard Price-lists
·         Maintain multiple pricelists (like whole seller, reseller, distributor, or within state, less than 1000 KM , more than 1000 KM, etc)

·         Set price list according to customers

·         Select price type per item

·         Update entire price list at once

Enquiry         Enter all enquiries of existing or not-yet existing goods or services

·         From current or prospective customers

·         Launch internal workflow automatically

·         Get customized Enquiry format, as per your requirement

·         Store Enquiry documents online


·         Import enquiry from your mail ID


·         Can be prepared on the basis of any of the following

o   Price List – get set prices

o   Design (BoM) – get estimated costs for in-house process based production

o   Vendor Based – use and compare vendor quotes to prepare your quotations

o   Design + Vendor Based: add estimates and vendor quotations for partly outsourced processes

·         Can be imported and modified to be quickly sent

·         Automatically gets tagged by customer and enquiry

·         Get escalation based approvals


·         Prepare order on the basis of quotation or make independent order

·         Automatically Divide an order into projects based on

o   Items

o   Deliveries

o   Items x Deliveries r



Communication and Tags
·         Auto Tagging

·         Tag Based search

Dispatch Order