Standard Price-lists
o  Price List
o  Design
o  Vendor Based
o  Work
o  Job
Communication and Tags
o   Auto Tagging
o   Tag Based search
Dispatch Order


  • Customer
    • Current & Prospective Customers
    • Track Customer related details on one dashboard
      • Orders & Tasks
      • Deadlines & Deliveries
      • Financial Transactions
    • Multiple GSTINs
    • Customer Grade based Credit-limit
    • Apply Price-lists as per Distribution channels & Market Division
    • Deals & Schemes
  • Standard Pricelists
    • Maintain multiple pricelists like:
      • Whole seller, reseller, distributor,
      • State wise, Zone wise, etc
    • Set Discounts according to Customers
    • Select Price-type per item
    • Update entire Price-list at once
    • Each price can be imported and used as a template
    • Customization possible
  • Enquiry
    • Record Enquiries of
      • Regular or
      • Prospective Customer
    • For Standard (Regular, from your database) or Non-standard (not existing in system database) Goods & Services
    • Launch internal workflow automatically using our WMS
    • Each enquiry-record can be imported and used as a template
  • Quotation
    • Prepare quotation on the basis of any or all of the following:
      • Standard Price Lists
      • Design (BoM) – Process based Estimated costs for in-house production
      • Vendor Based – Compare, select vendor quotes for outsourced production
  • Order
    • Prepare independent orders or inherit from quotation
    • Manage or Dividing the order into various customized projects, that may based on
      • Items
      • Deliveries
      • Items x Deliveries
  • Dispatch Instructions
    • Dispatch can be controlled by giving in-system instructions to store and dispatch departments
    • Each order-dispatch record can be imported and used as a template
    • Dispatch Instructions are automatically tagged, and included in a ‘Conversation’, using our CRM. Subsequently, more tags can be added
    • Attach unlimited dispatch-instructions documents on each enquiry
    • Retrieve any specific instructions attachments, using the Central Repository of our DMS
    • Standard and Customized reports
  • Standard and Customized Reports
    • Customer-receivable Reports using Receivable Module
    • Customer-transaction Reports using Accounts Module
    • Item-wise Enquiry Report
    • Periodic Price-list Report
    • Customized Quotation Report
    • Order-status Report
  • Import & Draft
    • Every existing Customer, Enquiry, Quotation and Order can be imported and used as a template
    • Any incomplete Customer, Enquiry, Quotation and Order can be saved as Interim-draft
    • Multiple draft versions can be saved, all can be discarded and one can be Finalized later
  • Attachment & Retrieval
    • Attach unlimited Documents on each Customer, Enquiry, Quotation and Order
    • Retrieve any specific attachment, from the Customer, Enquiry, Quotation and Order or using the Central Repository of our DMS
  • Tag: Any Customer, Enquiry, Quotation and Order, to be included in ‘Advanced Search’ for easy retrieval


  • Communication
    • Can be set on Enquiry, Quotation and Order
    • System Communication Types
      • Approval
      • Alert
      • Warning
      • Reminder
    • System or User Generated
    • Inter or Intra Company Entities
    • Single or Multi Level
    • Mandatory or Conditional
    • On event or field (absolute or relative) value
    • Launches Workflow