Work Order Management (WOM)

·         Project based Production Planning

o   Time & Cost Estimation

·         Task/team wise planning,  execution & control

·         Risks & Mitigations Check-lists

·         Material & Team requirement assessment

·         Team & Resource reservation & planning

o   Efficiency & Dependency based Critical Path evaluation

o   Slack consideration

o   Gantt Chart

·         Auto Daily Project Report (DPR)

o   Time & Cost Update

·         Slippages Monitoring & Control

o   Advance Alerts & Notifications

o   Severity level escalation

·         Item wise production/ order tracking

·         Work completion forecast

·         Order & Milestone updates

·         QC Planning tasks

o   In House

o   Client

o   Third Party


  • An order (Work-order) is generally received with the following – for production:
    • Deliverables
    • Delivery Date(s)
    • Acceptance (QC) Criteria
  • The same is planned for the execution accordingly
  • In our WOM, the “Order” is planned (in terms of Project/Task, Team-of-professionals & Equipments) and Executed (across: Branch/ Payroll/ BoA)
  • The entire order may be divided into Projects based on a criteria like Delivery-dates
  • Some or all Processes can be considered for In-house or third-party out-source team
  • The projects are further divided into tasks, with following considerations:
    • Technical Competency
    • Equipments
    • Prerequisites and preceding tasks
    • Standard Check-list of Possible-risks & their standard Mitigation-plans
    • Other facilities, if any
  • Meaningful milestones, may be based on KPIs, can be set for a close control
  • Gantt Chart view
  • Now, resources like Team-of-professionals & Equipments are checked for the reservation and Planning-draft(s) are prepared for following considerations
    • Competency-level based execution-time is estimated
    • On the basis of Slack-consideration Critical-path is evaluated
  • Evaluate the most appropriate planning considering
    • Critical-path & Time-estimation
    • Cost-estimation
  • Finalize one planning  – draft for execution
  • Control the Execution by
    • Daily Project Report (DPR), submitted at sub-task level
    • Based on percentage or number of Items
    • Which updates Order, Project, Tasks & Milestones with actual Time & Cost incurred
  • Gantt Chart
  • Slippage Monitoring & Control, based on ‘Management by exception’ principle
    • Advance, Alerts & Notifications
    • Severity level escalation
    • Launch relevant Workflow automatically
  • Improves Estimates for future
Work Order Management (WOM)