Quality Control

Test Plan and Execution
o   Observation
o   checklist
o   Parameter
o   CustomizedBoM/ Process Based QC Task planning & execution
Item Based Test Plan
o   Production
o   Purchase
o   Packaging & DispatchCustomized Test Reports & Certificates


  • The following types of QC can be planned
    • Checklist
      • Question/Answer & Point based grading
    • Observation based
      • Single Parameter and value based observation, i.e., One or more samples from a batch (Like Pathology tests)
        • Note observation on basis of:
          • Single value with Tolerance
          • Range
        • Record single or multiple Samples
      • Parameter based
        • Single or Multiple Input & Outputs Parameters
        • Observation is noted on basis of:
          • Single value with Tolerance
          • Range
        • Customized Test Plan: As per your requirement
  • Execute QC Test Plan from the following Modules
    • Production
    • Purchase
    • Packaging & Dispatch
  • Workflow assigns next task as per the QC result,
    • For QC fail, the previous task is re-assigned
    • For QC Pass, the next Task is assigned
  • With Customized Test Reports & Certificates
  • BoM/ Workflow Based – QC-task Planning & Execution: If the QC plan is attached in the BoM Process then QC-tasks are automatically created for execution (production)
Quality Control