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Soft.e Qliks - Business Intelligence Solutions

What if you knew which product had the most market share but was not that profitable?
What if you knew where and how to quantify and minimize your costs?
What if you knew which of your resources was most efficient and which under-performed?
What if you knew where is money being made or lost?
What if you knew which customer segment to target next?

What if you could learn from the past, analyze your present, and predict the future…see the trends, the changes and strategize accordingly?

Knowing that information is Power,

What if you had Soft.e Qliks?

Soft.e Qliks is a Joint Venture between Soft.e Bytes and TechKoncept Solutions U.S.A. a leading Business Intelligence Solutions provider. With decades of experience in the field of business intelligence, training, reporting and analytics and having worked with wide range of industries and implemented decision support systems from top-to-bottom throughout enterprises. Together we offer expert QlikView consulting and implementation services.

QlikView is a Business Intelligence tool that assists professionals to deliver analytics faster to their users. Its associative data model allows business users to spot trends and outliers faster than any other Business Intelligence tool in the market.

Our alliance brings years of experience in BI which helps in delivering efficient solutions. To know more about such solutions please visit

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