360 degree CTO services

Elevating the online Entrepreneur

Website & Web App Development

Get Found, Featured and Filthy Rich

We Design & Develop agile, responsive, feature-rich, interactive sites for whatever your business needs.

Web presence, Sales promotion, interacting with your audience or boosting your operational efficiencies.

Scale up your presence and processes with robust tech-stack developed on and for the Web!

Support multiple-channels, and allows for your required integrations. Be it an API, or Web App

E-Commerce Sites
Company Profiles
Blogs or Brand Catalogues
B2B Portals
Education Portals
Bootstrap or through CMS

Mobile App Development

Make an Engaging Utility. Become Imperative

Mobile Applications help in accesing quick information that gives real time updates that help keep businesses make in-time decisions to ensure you stay ahead of the curve always

Business Process Applications, Person to person Apps

iOS Apps, Android apps

Business Process Applications
Person to person Apps
iOS Apps
Android Apps

Software Development

Simplify Complex Business Operations

We Create and implement Web-based, Customizable, robust tech-stack for your departments like CRM, SCM, Inventory Management, or a whole round ERP based software.

Reconciliation across multiple warehouses, Activity-based workflows, complete Audit-trail, Inter-Department automations, Company-credentials based access, etc

Supports Omni-channel, and unlimited automations & integrations for all stakeholders

Runs on web and your phone

Website & Software Maintenance

Keep up your Digital Store!

Ascertain stable functionality across all devices and browsers

Keep your site feature-rich, and updated with relevant design trends

Quick redressal/ response

IT Consultancy & Project Management

We help you decide. Get your Project completed!

- Decisions, Document-preparation and Comparative analysis

1. Solution specific to your pain-area, industry, turnover
2. Standard product vs Customized development
3. Comparative Analyses

- Systems Analysis

4. SoP and Data Flow Diagram preparation
5. Requirements Traceability Matrix
6. Process Gap Analysis
7. RACI Matrix
8. Competitor Analysis

- Implementation Strategies

9. Project Implementations on softwares like Asana, Clickup, etc
10. WhatsApp Bot and Google Suite Automation

UI/UX Designing

Make complex subjects simple.
From an idea to a design

Develop useful & intuitive interfaces and user journeys.

Create dynamic, functional website to bring your story to life

Present information your client needs in a digestible, visual format